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Fashion Lives. Icons with Fern Mallis

Fashion Lives. Icons with Fern Mallis

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This revealing volume provides unprecedented access to master designers and industry leaders. . No topic is off-limits to . Fern . Mallis, award-winning creator of . Fashion . Week in . New . York, when she hosts . Fashion . Icons with . Fern . Mallis at . New . Yorks prestigious 92nd . Street . Y, a series of in-depth interviews with the fashion industrys most talented, successful, and legendary personalities. . Featuring nineteen inspiring interviews with . American fashion luminaries, this engaging book introduces readers to the real artists behind these very public figures. . These no-holds-barred interviews, combined with never-before-seen personal photographs from interviewees such as . Tom . Ford, . Marc . Jacobs, . Calvin . Klein, . Donna . Karan, . Michael . Kors, . Tommy . Hilfiger, . Betsey . Johnson, . Polly . Mellen, . Bruce . Weber, and more bring a fascinating, compelling perspective to their work. . Profound, funny, and provocative, the discussions range from childhood inspirations to nitty-gritty industry details to advice on how to succeed in the fashion business today. . Malliss . Q and . A format combines the intimate approach of a tete-a-tete with the dynamics of a live audience, sparking candid and inspiring conversations. . With . Mallis, fashion luminaries drop their public personas and provide a window into the inner workings and culture of the fashion industry.

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